Based in Mooresville, NC, the David Gilliland Racing Team has been successfully involved in NASCAR racing since 1998, ranging from weekly division events at the grassroots levels to regional touring series at numerous asphalt and dirt tracks throughout the country.This successful family owned operation believes there is no other sport where families play such an important role in helping build the future stars of NASCAR.

Owned and operated by NASCAR Sprint Cup driver David Gilliland and his wife Michelle, the DGR Team is known for it's integrity and positive reputation. David and Michelle wanted to create an avenue for up and coming young drivers to showcase their talent. That time has come. During the past three years they have put in place all of the necessary equipment needed to be a successful race team. This investment includes a shop that houses all race vehicles, surface plate, set-up equipment, tools, a fabrication room with every piece of equipment needed to perform any task, hauler, trailers, pit boxes and pit equipment. Team owner David Gilliland states, "This is a very important step in building a strong operation from the beginning. We now have a place to showcase our team to future drivers and potential marketing partners."   

DGR has a complete turnkey solution for funded drivers and their families that want to take the next step in their young careers. DGR will maintain, house, transport and direct every aspect of the racing series experience. DGR will provide the best equipment available along with experienced crew chief, spotter and personal coaching from team owner David Gilliland. This combination will help develop young drivers, give them the tools needed to be successful, and propel their careers to the next level. The DGR Team looks to continue its drive to excellence and showcase up and coming talent.